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Anthropology Garden & Greenhouse


The Anthropology Food Garden is located on the east side of the Anthropology Building at 19 Russell St. It was established in the spring of 2012, and extended the following year. Every year this garden produces crops such as kale, collards, beans, carrots, parsley and basil. Perennials like sage, yarrow, mint, lemon balm, carnations and egyptian walking onion are firmly established. Cilantro,  calendula  and other crops frequently self seed year after year.


The Anthropology Greenhouse was refurbished in 2011 with the help of Anthropology staff and Dr. Brad Bass. Dig In! starts our seedlings every spring in this space, and holds composting and soil block workshops here. The space is unheated, but we still manage to keep hardy plants like kale and collards alive over winter. Learn more about the history of the Anthropology Greenhouse here.

Check out more photos of the Anthropology Garden and Greenhouse here.


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