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The Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network exists to support, empower and grow small-scale, sustainable food production at the University of Toronto. We represent a network of autonomous urban agriculture projects, rooted in particular colleges, campus organizations, and academic departments. We also maintain our own series of demonstrative food gardens and provide programming related to urban agriculture and food issues.

Goals and Objectives
  • Raise awareness at UofT about food and agriculture issues by providing events and programming on issues including sustainable agriculture, food security, environmental policy, and community development.
  • Support and empower urban agriculture projects on campus through shared promotion and event collaboration, and by providing information, advice, or resources to new urban agriculture projects on campus.
  • Enhance visibility, productivity and sustainability of campus agriculture projects by ensuring continued planning, maintenance and  – when resources can support it – expansion of campus agriculture projects.
  • Use local, sustainable food production as a platform for social, environmental, and academic engagement by encouraging experiential learning and opportunities for skill-sharing, sustainable leadership development and research collaboration.
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