Harvesting at Hart House

On Tuesday October 8th, garden volunteers helped harvest some food from the gardens at Hart House.

IMG_3485Harvesting Tomatillos at Dig In!’s Hart House plot


Tomatillo harvest! Tomatillos are ready to be picked when they fill out their papery husk. Similar to tomatoes, but less juicy and more tart, tomatillos are excellent for making green salsa (salsa verde)


Beautiful earthworm found during our potato harvest


Potato find!


Gorgeous purple potatoes. Thanks to Kevin for donating such amazing potato varieties for us to grow!


Digging up the potato crop at our Hart House Farm Committee plot




The purple potato haul. We also harvested many tomatoes, and peppers from this plot before removing the plants (frost will be here soon) and adding them to our composter behind Hart House


Removed plants go into our composter to become compost for next year!


Check out the great new signs for our 3-Bin composter! Thanks to Symon for helping to write these educational signs and to Hart House for printing and posting them. Dig In! relies on amazing volunteers to help with projects, from start to finish. Email campusagriculture@gmail.com for more info about how you can get involved with your campus agriculture!




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